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Jacklin/Jenkins Road Construction Project

29 November 2017

The developers of the former Belmont High School property located at the southeast corner of Jacklin Road and Jenkins Avenue will begin their road improvement project in June 2017. This project is a combined project of road improvements required by the City as part of their rezoning as well as some infrastructure replacement/ improvement being undertaken while the road is already under construction.

Works scheduled for 2017 include:

  • Completion of a new municipal road that will extend approximately where the School District No. 62 driveway is located on Jacklin Road passing east and then north through the former school site to come out onto Jenkins Avenue approximately where the former student parking was located. The new municipal road would be used to divert traffic in 2018 when work on Jacklin and Jenkins begins;
  • Completion of sidewalk on the west side of Jacklin Road in front of 3024 Jacklin Road; and
  • Relocating overhead hydro lines underground on the west side of Jacklin Road.

Works slated for completion in 2018 include:

  • Jacklin Road will be closed between Jenkins Avenue and Division Avenue (the new municipal road inside the Belmont Market Site) starting Thursday, February 1st,  2018 in both directions other than for local residents, a full traffic advisory will be provided as well as notification to local residents. The estimated time of the closure is approximately 4 months however a full detour through the new on site road will be in place during that same timeframe.
  • Installation of the remaining sewer on Jacklin Road between Jenkins Avenue and the Galloping Goose Trail as well as on Terlane Avenue by West Shore Environmental Services;
  • Replacement of two existing watermains on Jacklin Road for CRD Integrated Water Services;
  • Improvements on Jacklin Road including:
    • A new signalized intersection at Terlane Avenue
    • Sidewalks on the east side
    • Maintaining the existing bikelanes at a new location
    • Additional lanes north and southbound at Jenkins Avenue
    • Improvements in front of the School District No. 62 office buildings
  • Improvements on Jenkins Avenue including:
    • Sidewalks on the south side
    • Bikelanes
    • New signalized intersection opposite the TD Canada Trust building at Westshore Town Centre

 As work progresses the City will provide updates. At this time all work is slated for completion by Summer 2018.

Contractor's Notification to residents and businesses

Click on the link to view the Frontage Improvement Drawing.

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