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City of Langford

Live the lifestyle.


The City of Langford is unlike any other municipality on Vancouver Island. Our growth in our economy and population is unparalleled in the Capital Regional District. We attribute this rapid and successful development to our fundamental core philosophy, fostered by our Mayor and Council:

Langford City Hall is a facilitator for and partner of current and prospective developers. We theorize together with industry, not criticize; we offer solutions, not obstacles. The City of Langford believes that it must assume a measure of risk in the interest of progress; to bring its citizens, present and future, the amenities they desire and deserve; and create a sustainable community.

Evidence of our philosophy marks our policies and decisions. Streamlined re-zoning and business application processes couple with innovation like our Affordable Housing/Rental Housing Program to encourage the cyclical nature of building a sustainable community: business generates jobs that attract new residents who fuel new business opportunities. The City of Langford understands this vital interdependency and continually strives to cultivate the bonds between Langford's residential and commercial aspects. As you invest your hard-earned resources into our community so too do we devote our ingenuity and flexibility into creating a friendly investment environment for your contribution to Langford.

To this end, the City of Langford seeks to attract clean and green industries of all kinds to our retail spaces and industrial parks. Offices, corporate and government, independent and multinational, are also welcome. The City of Langford is open-minded and driven by our desire to provide the best amenities and job opportunities for our residents no matter what their economic level.

Our philosophy manifests, too, in our exceptional customer service. City Hall's office space is open concept and visible to the public. Here our City staff is available for one-on-one consultations with residents and developers alike. This hospitable, solutions-based atmosphere allows the City of Langford to accomplish major civic projects with a speed and skill unseen in other municipalities. Our prime example, and beacon for the future, is City Centre Park. Every day, we endeavour to embody and maintain Langford's motto, “Golden in Setting, Determined in Spirit.”

Mayor and Council encourage you and your business to move to our flourishing city where we, as residents and stewards, can help you achieve greater success, and where you can “live the lifestyle” of your dreams.

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