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Commercial Developments

The City of Langford is growing at a prodigious rate. Our rapid population growth, including a population increase of 19.2% between 2001 and 2006 alone, has attracted significant commercial development. Langford is now, and will remain, the retail centre of the West Shore area.

Langford's incredible growth rate has been the result of the quality and quantity of Langford's housing and commercial developments. Part of the City of Langford's popularity as a residential and commercial hub has been the attraction of large format stores. Often employing over 1000 employees, these developments bring population and secondary and tertiary businesses to the surrounding area. These large format stores include: Costco, Home Depot, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Superstore, Walmart, Lowes, The Brick, Staples, Michaels, Capital Iron, and Slegg Lumber.

As the City's population continues to grow, Mayor and Council expects commercial development to equal residential growth and hopes to maintain this tandem growth by designating areas specifically for commercial development. In the Downtown area the Official Community Plan supports and encourages mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development. Outside of this area, the City has designated various locations as Village Centres, Mixed-Use Employment Centres, and Neighbourhood Centres, where commercial development is strongly encouraged.

In addition to these mostly commercial centres, the City has also designated certain areas as Mixed-Use Employment Centres and sites suitable for Business or Light Industrial uses. Existing sites with these designations are the Westshore Town Centre Mall, Millstream Village, Hull's Field and Goldstream Meadows. Proposed sites are South Skirt Mountain and Goldstream Heights.

Langford City Hall is a facilitator for and partner of current and prospective developers. We theorize together with industry, not criticize; we offer solutions, not obstacles. See how the City of Langford can work with your commercial development for the benefit of all parties.

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