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Economic Profile

The Mayor, Council, and City Hall staff take great pride in Langford. Together with industry and community leaders, the City of Langford strives to create a vibrant economic environment in which businesses and the city will thrive.

Langford has led the Capital Regional District in housing starts for years. The City estimates that it takes over 2000 combined work hours to complete one typical single-family dwelling. In our booming city, this is a massive opportunity for new trades businesses and individuals to make their mark on Langford. Many of these industrious people remain in the city and in turn contribute to Langford's consumer base.

Langford does not shy away from implementing innovative policies in the interest of economic progress and community development. Below are some of the actions that our City departments are directing their ingenuity.

Planning Department

  • To spur construction, the City of Langford has reduced Development Permit processing to 30 days – guaranteed.
  • Pre-zoning key areas of Downtown Langford for optimal densities and amenity provisions. This saves you time and money as you can proceed directly to applying for a Development Permit.
  • Deferring Public Hearing Fees: a “pay as you go” approach that allows you to pay the fee immediately prior to the Public Hearing notification process. If the application does not go to a public hearing, you will not have to pay the fee.
  • Landscaping bonding has been reduced from 125% to 100%, landscaping checks will be completed within 48 hours of notification, and bonds returned within two weeks.

Parks and Recreation

  • City Centre Park is Langford's model of what a determined community with the right resources can accomplish. Not only does this new activity multiplex house the City's newest and best sports facilities, it has brought full-time construction and hospitality jobs to the community. City Centre Park is a major draw for new residents who are more encouraged to put down social and economic roots in Langford.
  • Downtown Beautification has been a goal of Mayor and Council's since incorporation in 1992 and is now nearing completion. The new city core is a welcoming and colourful area with dozens of commercial spaces for entrepreneurs living in the condos above. An archway greets newcomers to Downtown while a musical fountain entertains passersby from dawn ‘til dusk.

Land Development

  • Subdivision Statements of Conditions (also known as ‘preliminary layout approvals' or PLAs) can be issued within 45 days of your subdivision application. Previously they took up to six months or more to be issued.


  • Construction administration fees are no longer required at the same time as the detailed drawing submission. They are now collected only if the project goes to construction.

Administration and Finance

  • Revitalization tax breaks for rental housing projects and large office projects (50,000 square feet).
  • Development Cost Charges have been reduced for smaller lots and condominium units. Smaller units can be produced at a lower cost which will help create affordable housing in Langford.

Bylaw Enforcement and West Shore RCMP

  • West Shore RCMP has waived fees for employee criminal record checks.
  • RCMP Bike Patrols have been instituted during the summer months and help to deter vandalism and reduce repair costs.

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