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U-Bike Program

U-bicycle North America has extended its bike share network to the City of Langford. U-bicycle will be distributing 50 bicycles in Langford that will run on a beacon system—allowing riders to locate bikes at fixed locations and return them to designated stations throughout the city.  To start, there will be a station at the Belmont properties residences on Division Avenue, one near Glen Lake and Westhills Stadium, one at Westhills Park, and one near the Danbrook One Tower on Claude Road in the downtown core. If the program goes well, more bike infrastructure and bikes could be potentially added to the city according to demand.

The U-bicycle system is centered on a smart-phone app and a network of pick-up/drop off hubs that are designated by beacon transponders using Bluetooth technology.  The app advises users of the location of available bicycles, the location of designated hubs within the network, and allows users to sign in/out bicycles.

 To ride a u-bicycle, users must first pay a $50 refundable deposit, then top up a balance. Users can take as many rides as they wish as long as there is enough balance. The system will start charging once the bike is unlocked and it will stop charging once the bike is locked.  The program provides a flexible pricing system, including:

  • $1 Pay as you go – a 30 minute ride for $1
  • $15 day pass – unlimited 30 minute rides for 24 hours
  • $150 Annual Pass – Unlimited 60 minute rides for 12 months

More information can be found on the U-bicycle website:


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