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Lacrosse is Canada's national summer sport and an exhilarating one to play. In Langford, young residents can do so in the Juan de Fuca (JDF) Lacrosse Association.

Boys and girls as young as five years old can register to play with JDF Lacrosse. The Association runs both box and field lacrosse teams. Seasons and registration differ depending on which form of lacrosse, whether box or field, is chosen.

JDF Lacrosse coaches are often volunteers and the Association encourages parents and community members to volunteer and support their local youth.

With the Victoria Shamrocks Senior Lacrosse team based locally at Bear Mountain Arena there is ample opportunity to see some of the best players in Canadian lacrosse in action. Junior members of JDF Lacrosse are also encouraged to volunteer and support senior players in order to learn more about lacrosse.

For More Information

Visit the Juan de Fuca Lacrosse Association website for more details on registration, teams, and events.

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