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Agricultural Strategy

Agriculture will always play a vital role in the social, environmental and economic well-being of Langford, and the Capital Region.

Food supply is fast becoming one of the most important issues for Council to address. Its effects on human and environmental health, the economy, and its vulnerability to rising energy costs and climate change are too large to ignore.

Council seeks to achieve a sustainable food system in Langford. Fundamental components of this food system are access to safe, locally produced food and an emphasis on the environment, healthy eating, and community involvement.

Towards this goal of achieving a sustainable food system in Langford, the City adopted a new Agricultural Strategy in November 2009. The purpose of the Strategy is to promote and support community agricultural activities, ensure edge planning and compatibility of urban/agricultural land uses, and provide a net-benefit to agriculture.

The policies that make up Section 11, “Our Food System,” of Langford's Official Community Plan (OCP) [PDF - 11.1 MB] were drawn from extensive public consultation at a Public Futures Forum over a full weekend of public workshops. Stakeholder focus groups on food security were also consulted and open houses and urban design workshops were held during the OCP process in 2007. An agricultural suitability review was prepared by C&F Land Resource Consultants, a local firm, and their recommendations integrated.

Towards long-term growth and sustainability of the agricultural and food sectors in Langford, the City has committed to ensuring the following:

  • Establishment of a public trust to preserve agricultural land acquired through the normal process of rezoning.
  • Becoming directly involved in the active farming of agricultural lands that come into the public trust.
  • Working with local community groups and residents to raise awareness about local food and urban agriculture. 
  • Continued support for the Luxton Fall Fair, Luxton Pro Rodeo, Goldstream Farmers Market, and other community events and initiatives. 
  • Establishing an Agricultural Development Permit Area to ensure that lands adjacent to agricultural lands are developed in a way that compliments and supports rather than detracts from the agricultural uses. 
  • Preserving land with the highest ecological values, and the transfer of these lands into the public trust. 
  • Establishing an amenity contribution schedule for agricultural land acquisition, which will allow Council to make strategic investments in agriculture by acquiring agricultural lands that are not currently within the ALR, or agricultural lands that are not the subject of rezoning.

View the Agricultural Strategy [PDF - 467 KB].

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