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City of Langford

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Coat of Arms

The City of Langford's Coat of Arms is the visual expression of the nature, origins and aspirations of the City.


The Shield has two horizontal divisions. The red and gold bars are taken directly from the personal heraldry of Captain Edward Langford, the City's namesake. Red represents the rocks through which Langford's rivers flow while gold represents the waters, especially Goldstream. From edge to edge, the vertical bars are cut by a horizontal line with the lower half drawn wavy, symbolizing a waterfall.

The blue, upper third of the Shield represents the waters of the City of Langford. Three fountains represent the three lakes within the City's boundaries: Glen Lake, Langford Lake, and Florence Lake.

Crest (above the Helmet)

Around the Helmet is the mantling, coloured in red and gold. The crest has two main elements: a crown of cut stone masonry and the mural coronet which are the traditional heraldic symbol for municipal government, and the heraldic tyger, a mythical beast, rising from the crown. The red tyger has a collar of white dogwood flowers, the provincial flower of British Columbia. Between its forepaws, the tyger carries a blue steam locomotive wheel, representing the historic E & N Railway and by extension, the ongoing importance of transport to the community.

The tyger is also found in the Crest of Captain Langford. Here the tyger represents the determined spirit of the citizens in defence of the community's interest.


On the left side of the shield is a gold tyger with a collar of purple lavender, which is grown in the Happy Valley area of Langford. On the right, is a gold female cougar with a pink collar of Cheals Weeping Crab Apple flowers, representing the official tree of Langford. The tyger supporter reinforces the City's historic founder, Captain Langford. The female cougar symbolizes the local natural heritage and beauty. Both animals are graceful, strong and powerful.


The compartment is the base on which the supporters stand and represents the waters of the City, its rocky outcrops and parks, and the grandness of its forests, both coniferous and distinctive arbutus. The lowest part of the compartment consists of alternating wavy bands of blue and white. The golden salmon, drawn in the traditional Salish style, honours the yearly salmon run and the First Peoples of the region.


“Golden in setting, determined in Spirit” contains a reference to the natural beauty of the City of Langford, specifically Goldstream Provincial Park, and a comment on the community's drive to enhance Langford's special character and future.

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