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Traffic Circles and Roundabouts

Traffic circles and roundabouts benefit motorists by reducing traffic accidents and traffic delays. Here is how to navigate one:

  1. Approach
    • Reduce your speed.
    • Watch for signs that may help you find your exit.
    • Watch for people using the crosswalk, and be ready to stop.
  2. Yield
    • Yield to traffic already in the roundabout coming from your immediate left before you enter.
  3. Enter
    • Enter the roundabout to your right (a counter-clockwise direction) when there is a gap in traffic and you feel it is safe to do so.
    • Continue until you reach your exit.
  4. Exit
    • Never come to a full stop in a roundabout unless traffic conditions require it.
    • Use your right turn signal to let other road users know where you plan to exit.
    • Exit at a slow speed. As you exit, watch for people using the crosswalk, and be ready to stop.
    • If you miss your exit, keep going around the roundabout until you reach it again.

The Reason for Roundabouts

Why build Traffic Circles and Roundabouts into Langford's traffic infrastructure? Because the City of Langford wants to reduce traffic accidents and get you to where you need to go faster.

A recent ICBC study shows that roundabouts are 80 per cent effective in reducing traffic accidents. Accidents in roundabouts tend to be the less severe sideswipes rather than the deadly T-bone type that occur at stop signs and signals.

A similar study in the USA on roundabouts found a 39 per centreduction in vehicle accidents, a 76 per cent reduction in injury accidents and a 90 per cent reduction in accidents causing death or permanent incapacity.

There are only 8 conflict points in a roundabout compared to 32 in a four-way stop condition as shown in these images.

A further benefit is reduced delay times as traffic in a roundabout is constantly moving unlike at a traffic signal- or stop sign-controlled intersection. This is true under non-peak traffic conditions and especially evident during high traffic flows.

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