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Noise Disturbances (Residential, Business & Construction)

The Noise Bylaw [PDF - 291 KB] does not set out times of the day when residential disturbances are ok, although disturbances after 11 pm are necessarily prioritized more urgently. Immediate relief for a disturbance may be obtained by calling the RCMP (250) 474-2264 but repeat disturbances and chronic noise should be reported to Bylaw Enforcement.

Businesses may be required to take all reasonable steps to mitigate noise from their activities, depending on circumstances. Construction noise disturbances are lawful 7 days a week but only between 7 am and 7 pm or sunset (whichever is latest). Road works and emergency response are two activities exempt from the Noise Bylaw.

Noise cases always require two complaints in writing and all parties must complete a Noise Evidence Log [PDF - 65 KB] of disturbances so that the Bylaw Officer, and potentially the courts, can compare the type, frequency, volume and duration of noise with what is reasonable for the permitted land use.

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