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Millstream Interchange Dual Left Turn Lane

4 June 2018

The City of Langford started construction of  the Millstream Interchange Dual Left Turn Lane project the week of January 29, 2018 wand completed the project in April 2018.

When the Millstream overpass was originally built it anticipated an additional lane on the bridge. That lane exists right now behind concrete barriers. The improvements included:

  • Construction of 2.0m wide bikelanes in both directions linking to the existing bikelanes on Millstream Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway;
  • Completion of the missing sections of sidewalk on the east side of the bridge (in the northbound traffic direction);
  • Signal improvements including pedestrian crossing capabilities on the northbound off-ramp and a signalized left turn lane for vehicles on the bridge deck travelling north to Nanaimo;
  • Pedestrian and/or cyclists crossing location northbound to cross over the southbound on-ramp (travelling north on Veterans Memorial Parkway to southbound TCH);
  • Creation of the second left turn lane; and
  • Maintaining two through lanes south on the overpass toward Veterans Memorial Parkway and a dedicated right turn lane southbound to Peatt Road.

Click on the link to view the Millstream Overall Sketch

Click on this link to see the Millstream Overall Sketch - Paved Areas

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