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Sewer Extension Projects

11 December 2018

The following sewer extension projects are pending or under construction. This information will be updated on a periodic basis.

Bray, Carlow and Linda Lane – Located in the City’s downtown core these streets were sewered in 2018.

Jacklin Road and Terlane Avenue – Sewer were installed on Jacklin Road from Jenkins Avenue south to the Galloping Goose Trail and on Terlane Avenue in 2018.  Connections became available in December 2018.

Lakehurst, Portion of Mt. Wells Drive, Portion of Sooke Lake Road – A sewer extension on Lakehurst Drive from approximately 2818 Lakehurst to Mt. Wells Drive, north to Sooke Lake Road and west on Sooke Lake Road past Humpback Road was completed November 2018.

Knotty Pine Road from Lequesne Avenue to Bray Avenue will be sewered in 2019.

For sewer connection information please contact West Shore Environmental Services (WSES) at: 250-478-2187.

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