City of Langford

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By Telephone or Online

You can pay your taxes by telephone or online by making the applicable arrangements with your financial institution. You will need your folio number to ensure that the payment is applied to your tax account. To pay your property taxes online simply set up LANGFORD (CITY OF) TAX as a payee and enter your folio number (upper right corner of your tax notice) as the account number. Enter the folio number without the decimal. 

To ensure your property tax payment has been received by the City of Langford as of the due date please make your payment prior to the due date. Do not wait until the actual due date to pay online as most financial institutions do not process payments after 3pm. The date honored by the City of Langford is the automated electronic date as determined by your bank.

To pay your property taxes by telephone, you must contact your financial institution directly for instructions. 

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