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Current Year Property Tax

2018 property tax payments are now past due. All outstanding balances, including unclaimed Home Owner Grants, are subject to a 10% penalty. 2018 Home Owner Grants can be claimed up until December 31, 2018, however late Home Owner Grants are still subject to the 10% penalty. Please note that arrears and delinquent balances are subject to daily interest.

Please note we do not accept credit card payments, only cash, debit, or cheque.

Opt for Electronic Tax Notices (eNotices)

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Tax Timelines

  • 2018 Tax Notices were mailed out at the end of May. If you did not receive your Tax Notice, please contact our office at 250-391-3410.
  • Due Date was July 3, 2018

Paying Your Property Taxes

Claiming Your Home Owner Grant



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