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Archipelago Critical Incident Stress Management Society

2625 Peatt Road, Victoria, B.C. V9B 3T9
Phone: (250) 478-9555


The Archipelago Critical Incident Stress Management Society (ACISMS) is a volunteer organization made up of mental health professionals and fire rescue peer support personnel.

ACISMS volunteers are specially trained in stress management, peer counseling and critical incident stress management processes. The Society provides education and awareness programs, a referral network, and critical incident stress interventions in the form of defusings and debriefings.

The Society responds to the needs of emergency service and health care personnel who require assistance in dealing with traumatic incidents. A team can be mobilized to provide on-site defusing if required, or a formal debriefing within 96 hours after an incident has occurred.

The goals and structure of services within the critical incident stress management program differ, and it is the Society's responsibility to decide which intervention is most appropriate. Any emergency responders directly involved in an incident can access the Society's services.

The education and intervention processes adhere to the guidelines developed by Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell at the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, and utilize a health promotion approach. Individuals are not charged for intervention services.

Spouses and individuals not directly involved in the call are not included in defusings or debriefings, though other forms of assistance and education may be provided through appropriate referrals.

The Society also responds to community requests for consultation and direct service as time and resources permit. Any agency or service may contact the Society's executive members to initiate their request for critical incident stress intervention or for education.

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