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Career Personnel

Fire Chief Chris Aubrey (Email) Phone -250-391-3426  – the Fire Chief is responsible for the provision of all Fire and First Responder Emergency Services in the City of Langford. Chief Aubrey is also the Emergency Program Coordinator for the municipality.

Lance Caven (Email) Phone 250-391-3425 – Chief Fire Prevention Officer: A/C Caven is responsible for the Fire Safety Inspection Program and the delivery of the Fire/Life Safety Public Education Program.

Scott Davidson (Email) Phone -250-391-3423  – Chief Training Officer: A/C Davidson is responsible for coordinating the training and managing the training and operations division and the communications division. Scott is our representative for the Greater Victoria Fire Training Officers Association, and the British Columbia Fire Training Officers Association.

Jenny Reid (Email) Phone -250-391-3422 – Communications Coordinator:  Lt. Reid is responsible for the coordinator of the CRD fire dispatch center. She oversees the division's dispatch and computer system operations.

Steve Adams (Email) Phone -250-391-3424 – Firefighter/Instructor: Captain Adams is responsible for coordinating Fire Department training and schedules and takes part in delivering certain aspects of the training. Steve is also our Volunteer Coordinator. Steve is also a recognized THARRP instructor with our high angle rescue team.

Paul Obersteller  Phone -250-391-3421  – Firefighter/Safety Inspector: Captain Obersteller is a Fire Inspector who is responsible for Fire Safety Inspections in the Langford area and Public Education.

Brian Bell (Email) Phone -250-391-3427  – Firefighter/Maintenance: Captain Bell is a full-time firefighter who is responsible for the maintenance of all the vehicles, firefighting equipment, and the three fire stations.


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