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Land Development/Subdivision

Langford's Land Development Department offers services in regards to Subdivision and Land Development within the City of Langford. This department works closely with all departments in City Hall and developers in regards to Provincial and Municipal policies and regulations as it relates to land development in the City.

The Land Development Department is headed by the Approving Officer, who directs three Subdivision Technologists, one Planning and Subdivision Technician, and Land Development Assistant in the facilitation of development objectives and City goals.

Land Development issues the Statement of Conditions (often referred to as "PLA" in other municipalities) that a developer follows to gain subdivision approval with the Approving Officer.

What is a Subdivision?

A subdivision is the legal mechanism towards the creation of new parcels of land.  It involves the division of an existing parcel into two or more parcels and can include re-alignment of existing property lines, creation of building and bare land strata lots, long-term leases (three years or more), building stratas, and air space parcels.

Subdivision of land requires several steps and applications which are outlined in the Subdivision and Development Services Bylaw. The Starting point for a subdivision is a review of the proposed subdivision by the Approving Officer and an an application for a “Statement of Conditions”.  (Land Use Application)

Why Is Subdivision Approval Required?

Provincial statutes require that subdivisions be approved by the Approving Officer who is appointed by Council. There are some forms of subdivision which do not require approval and they include plans that consolidate whole parcels and/or cancel lot lines where both parcels are under the same ownership, and some building stratas where the buildings have not yet been occupied.

Approving Officer

The Land Title Act is the entity that authorizes a Municipal Council to appoint a person(s) to independently administer the approval or rejection process of subdivisions.

The Approving Officer is responsible to either approve or reject a subdivision application based on his or her opinion as it relates to City bylaws and policies and Provincial statutes.  He or she is given the authority to use discretion concerning subdivision applications which includes the ability to determine if the subdivision is in the public interest.

The authority provided to the Approving Officer allows them to act in a judiciary manner and it is them, not Council, who approves or rejects each subdivision application.

What Types of Things Does the Approving Officer Consider?

Existing Policies

This would include, the Official Community Plan, Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw, related bylaws and policies, all of which are adopted by Council.

Zoning Regulations

The Zoning Bylaw regulates lot size, lot dimensions, setbacks, density, and use.


Consideration is given for roads, lanes, walkways, emergency access, fire lanes, waterfront access, trails, and adjacent lands.

Parks and Environmental Protection

Provision of green space, protection and enhancement of natural and environmental amenities are also considered where enabled through the Land Title Act.


Servicing in concert with the Director of Engineering including the potential extension of services (sewer, water, utilites, and other services) in support of the new lots and the future development of adjacent lands.


Site conditions are ssessed (steep slopes, geotechnical suitability) that may have an impact upon the safe use of the development lands.

Coordination With the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

The Approving Officer liaises with the Ministry regarding consideration for roads, lanes, emergency access, and access to adjancent lands where abutting Provincial travel routes.

Stages of Subdivision

Please use this Land Use Application Form to apply for any of the following Land Development Subdivision Services.

Subdivision – Statement of Conditions

  • This is the starting point for all subdivision applications where new lots are proposed for City consideration. (Land Use Application)

Subdivision – Boundary Adjustment

  • This is where a developer is changing or amending lot lines that are already in existence. It may involve neighboring properties or be wholly contained within the subject lands.  (Land Use Application)

Subdivision – Lot Consolidation

  • A consolidation is when you are the owner of two (or more) adjacent properties and you wish to consolidate the lands in some format. This consolidation request usually involves the elimination of lot lines as opposed to the adjustment of lot lines that would otherwise be contained within the application for “Boundary Adjustment” listed above.  (Land Use Application)

Subdivision – Extension of Statement of Conditions

  • When an application is nearing expiration, the developer is required to advise the Approving Officer that they wish to extend the time horizon to complete the works relative to a subdivision.  (Land Use Application)
  • Extensions may be considered for time periods up to six months.

Subdivision – Strata Title Conversion

  • The Land Development Department works closely with the Building Department and the Approving Authrity for Strata Title Conversions. Please contact the Land Development Department or Building to commence this process.  (Land Use Application)

Phased Strata Consideration - Form P

  • The Land Development Department also works closely with the Building Department for Phased Strata Considerations. Please contact the Land Development Department to commence this process.  (Land Use Application)

Subdivision – Final Approval

  • This is the final process for the subdivision of land where you ask the Approving Officer to consider the works that have been installed, and the developer is ready to deposit a plan of subdivision at Land Titles.  (Land Use Application)

Land Development staff are here to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have relative to development, or to assist in ensuring you get to the correct department which may offer the best assistance to your enquiry.  Staff are available for in-person inquiries at City Hall and by phone at 250-478-7882.


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