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Tree Conservation Covenants

Are you interested in retaining the “green” qualities of our community?

Do you think that trees are an important part of our community's landscape?

Do you have trees on property that you own and do you want to preserve them?

If you answered yes to these three questions, you may be interested in having a covenant registered on your property to protect your trees. The City of Langford Council wants to encourage the protection of trees in the community and will help with paperwork registering tree conservation covenants in Langford.

What is a Covenant?

A covenant is a document that is registered on the legal title to property. This document can restrict the use of your land in specific ways. A tree conservation covenant can restrict the removal of some or all of the trees on a property. This would ensure that any future owners of the property would not be able to remove the trees unless they became hazardous.


The City of Langford will provide you with a covenant document. The covenant will prohibit you or subsequent owners from removing the trees without approval from the nature conservancy.

Please Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to work with Council to protect your trees, please contact the City of Langford Planning Department at 250-478-7882, visit City Hall at 2nd Floor, 877 Goldstream Avenue, Langford, BC V9B 2X8, or email us at

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