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FAQs - How Do I Get My Landscaping Deposit Returned?

Question - How Do I Get My Landscaping Deposit Returned?

The City of Langford would like to inform you of the process for release of bonding/surety for landscaping.

The process is actually quite simple, but begins with the developer versus the City of Langford. Landscaping deposits are not automatically returned, there is a specific process to be followed.

The Process:

1. The landscape architect is required to submit a letter to the Planning Department to advise that the work has been substantially completed.

Please ensure the letter is directed to the Planning Department, preferably to the Planner who worked on the development permit. Letters not directed to anyone in particular can be misfiled or misplaced.

2. Once the Planning Department receives the letter from the landscaper advising that the landscaping is substantially complete, the Planner visits the site and carries out the final inspection.

If substantially complete, the Planner advises the Planning Assistant to return the landscaping deposit partially or in full.

3. Depending on workloads and holidays, this process can take up to 2 weeks. Landscaping deposits are submitted in two forms: cheque or letter of credit.

Cheque runs are done once a week. If you would like to pick up the cheque instead of having it mailed, please advise the Planner and ensure they have your current phone number. Please allow two weeks for turnaround time.

Letter of credit reductions take approximately one week to process and are done directly with the financial institution who issued the letter of credit.

The process for frontage improvements is similar, but the letter should be directed to the Engineering Department. Please call 474-0068 with any questions you may have.

If you have any further questions regarding landscaping bonds, please call the Planning Department any time between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

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