Since incorporation in 1992, the City of Langford has operated the City more like a business than a typical government. Everything that Council does and, by extension, everything in the way that staff are directed, is based on finding solutions rather than putting up barriers.

Council believes economic growth is paramount to community sustainability and has always worked hand-in-hand with developers and businesses to generate and support economic development in the region. By continually fostering an environment that seeks to eliminate roadblocks and unnecessary red tape, Langford is known as a place where things get done, a place where things happen rather than just being talked about.

Businesses and entrepreneurs see Langford as the place where they want to do business and must be located. It is no coincidence that the City of Langford is one of the fastest growing cities in Western Canada, growing on average between 4-5% each year and surpassing the Provincial average growth of 1.3%.

In the continued vein of getting things done, the City of Langford is excited to partner with proponents to realize the success of the site. Specifically, the City of Langford is committed to:

  • Helping proponents secure the proposed development sites by facilitating relationships with property owners;
  • Consideration of multi-year revitalization tax credit programs;
  • Reducing development cost charges and required amenity contributions;
  • Expediting all permits required to meet proponent’s development timeline; and
  • Facilitating partnerships between proponents and other organizations

In addition to the above incentives, the City of Langford is proud to provide investors with:

  • An Official Community Plan that speaks of growth and development opportunities in terms of broad objectives and opportunity rather than prescriptive norms;
  • Certain site locations that are already designated as ‘Mixed-use Employment Centre’ within its Official Community Plan;
  • Zoning regulations that are tailored to each individual property’s needs and goals;
  • Development Permits that are processed by staff, which are measured against established objectives and standards rather than the whims of design panels or neighbourhood associations;
  • Applications to vary zoning being viewed as reasonable alternatives, rather than going against established rules; and
  • Fast turnarounds on all building permits – 48 hours for a single- family home.
  • 4 to 6 month turn around time for development permits.

In summary, finding ways to partner with business is in Langford’s DNA. Langford always has been, and always will be, open for business. And with this in mind, Langford is committed to ensuring a successful and lasting partnership with proponents.


cell service & fiber

The City of Langford is within the cell coverage area of the following major cell service providers: Virgin Mobile, Bell Mobility, Rogers, Telus Mobility, Koodo Mobile, and Fido. The City has also entered into an agreement with Telus to install fibre optics line when Telus is conducting service upgrades within their system. Several fibre optics lines are already in place within the City.

power (bc hydro)

All of the development sites have power service available from BC Hydro. 98% of the power BC Hydro generates comes in the form of clean, reliable and affordable energy. In fact, BC Hydro’s standard commercial rate is the fifth-lowest in North America, helping keep operating costs low.

*Source: Hydro Quebec Report on Electricity Rates in North America

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