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Affordable Housing Program

Since 2004, the City of Langford's Affordable Housing Program has provided families with lower-income housing in Langford's many new housing developments. Generated through Mayor and Council's consultation with industry and stakeholders, Langford's progressive – and successful – “inclusionary zoning requirement” program won the 2008 Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC) Housing Award.

The Strategy

The Affordable Housing Program requires developers of new subdivisions within the City of Langford to build one affordable home for every 10 single-family lots subdivided. These affordable homes are then priced at 60% of market value. The City, partnering with CMHC, assists developers by providing free administrative support, density bonuses and streamlined development approvals as incentives. Local realtors provide services free of charge, while credit unions, mortgage brokers and insurers (including CMHC) streamline mortgage pre-approvals.

In 2007, the City of Langford expanded the original policy by requiring new developments to be Building Code-ready for secondary suites, contributing to density and diversity. It also created visibility requirements such as wide doorways and level entrances to accommodate people with disabilities. For every new dwelling, a $500 contribution must be made to the City's Affordable Housing Reserve Fund, which is used to fund a rent subsidy program and the construction of new subsidized units.

The Program

The Affordable Housing Program requires applicants to meet the eligibility criteria and complete an application form.

For application information visit the Application Form page.

The City of Langford's Planning Department is responsible for managing the Affordable Housing Program.

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